Rethul is intended to be an all inclusive world where characters can choose to be whom and what they want to be within certain parameters. As the Characters explore the world, options previously unavailable will be opened up. A large world with multiple continents, characters will start out on the “Mainland” but through their adventures may find themselves travelling to distant lands no one knew existed. The Dark Continent is one such zone. The NetherDark, Dwarfhome, and the Kingdom Under the Sea, are a few more to explore should the characters journeys take them there. Or the Characters might simply be happy as merchants travelling the nearby kingdoms. As they desire so can they do. The gods of this world are legion and of varying ranks of powers. Not happy with the standard fare? Create your own god and set off across the world converting people to your cause. The more successful you are to more powerful your gods grow. There are many kingdoms in the world, each with a distinct flavor. Some borrowed from the history of earth, some completely fantastic. There is the English styled 5 Duchies, The Kingdom of Kelim taken right out of your Arabian nights, even the rigid Imperium reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Tolkein is represented in the Elvenhome Kingom, and the structured caste system of the dwarves would make a lawyers head spin. I hope you’ll join me as we explore this epic world of high Fantasy.


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