The rule books currently in use are the DMG, PH1 and MM1. I will be adding more as I have a chance to read them over.

Please check this Page for rule updates.
There are a couple of ways we can do Character creation. I would like to take a vote on this and we will go from there.

  1. option is for every character to be from the same starting Kingdom.
  2. option is for the starting Kingdom to be rolled randomly.
  3. option (my favorite) Is for everyone to create a character background and concept, and turn it in to me. I would then decide based on that where you would be from.

Characters races allowed are Human only unless otherwise specified by the GM.

All Character classes are allowed starting out, with the exception of Paladin, which will be available as a prestige calss to those who qualify.

What qualifies you as a Paladin? Why, your God would determin your fitness, based upon your actions of course. Note that Paladins will be based upon the alignment of the God in question. Not all Paladins are lawful good.

Rangers must be of good alignment. They also tend toward Neutrality or Chaos, but are allowed to be Lawful if they so desire. Those who are interested in being an evil ranger are called Huntsmen, and must speak with the GM before choosing this class.

Characters may spend their starting money on basic equipment, no masterwork or magic is allowed at the start of the game. True masterwork items are expensive and only made by a rare few. Magical items are even rarer in the world at large and so it is best to assume that they are not available unless specifically offered by the GM. Item creation feats are gained in game only, not available as a pick.


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