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Notes from the GM

In these pages, you will find much of the information and backstory that makes this world unique. This is a work in progress. I will be adding information on these pages as the campaign progresses. There is so much you need to know. But then again there is so much you don’t need to know as well. We are going to be completely on the honor system here. As we play I may ask you to referr to the information I am providing on these pages. Reading ahead may ruin some of the surprise for you at best, at worst it might confuse you. I am including write ups on the Kingdoms and their feelings toward one another as well as the races and their feelings. Reading about the views of a kingdom you know nothing about as I said might confuse you. My suggestion is to please don’t read ahead. If you really must read something ask me first.

So, to begin. Below you will find a list of pages for you to get started with. Please start with the Rules and go on from there as directed.

Main Page

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