Magic is a complicated subject. It is a subject that has been a favorite debate of Philosophers across the centuries. Devine or Arcane magic? But where then does Druidic magic fit? External or Internal magic? Again it just doesn’t all fit very neatly. Probably the most widely accepted theory postulated by the wizard philosopher Tzsorlan states that Clerical magic comes from the Gods, Natural magic comes from the Earthstone, and Arcane magic comes from the Sunstone. While this theory is offered without any substantial proofs it is has the fewest detractors.

There are slight differences between the magics. Most are cosmetic, with a few that affect mechanics. Wizards obviously study their spells. The arcane runes of the spell are etched into their brains until released. Clerics don’t cast spells, they recite prayers. Druids speak to nature to cause their effects to be.

Once long ago human magicians were able imbue normal everyday items with magical properties. somehow that art has been lost to us and we can no longer create items of beauty and power. The elder races may have it yet but, now it is lost to us, they refuse to share it.

Humans have lost the art of making magic items. Those that can be bought are ancient or stolen from the elder races. It is rumored that great tomes exist which contain the information necessary to craft items again.


Rethul maxtaltos