Gods, those strange fickle and oh so powerful beings that defy description. In the campaign world of Rethul there are three tiers of Gods.

The First Tier is reserved for the lords who created the world. They are the most powerful. Who are these gods? No one really knows but them, and they aren’t talking. If you ask most Clerics they would assure you that their gods have that honor. But really in something like this I think most Priests feel smugly superior, don’t you?

The Second Tier is filled with just about every God ever heard of. They are the most common Tier of gods. Roman, Greek, Nordic etc ad nauseum are to be found in this tier. Less powerful than the Old Gods still they are mighty and not to be trifled with.

The Third Tier is the home of the weak and forgotten Gods, as well as the up and coming new Gods on the block. These Gods though few in worshipers and obscure in name are still more powerful than any single mortal. They ar still gods after all. If a PC cleric wishes to create their own God, they would start out here.

How is their ranking to be truely discerned? Aside from the first Tier which seems exempt from this rule. The power of the God in question is directly related to how many worshippers they have. The more worshipers the God has the more potent their powers.

This has a lot of role playing potential. Cleric PC’s who are interested could create their own God and work toward Converting others to their Gods cause. The more successful the Cleric the greater the chance that they could raise their God from a tier 3 to a tier 2.


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